Celebre’ Jesus Haiti Church

The Church

A healthy local church is vital to the spiritual life of any community. Each person has a spirit, a soul and a body. If an organization only distributes food and clothing, they are only meeting the needs of the body. By ministering to the whole person, lives are truly changed. The main religion in Haiti is voodoo. Many in Haiti are hungry for the assurance of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ and are embracing the Biblical truths that are being taught. That’s why one of the first priorities was to construct a building where people could worship that would also serve as a temporary medical and dental clinic. At the same time, a feeding program was begun for the youngest children in the village of Anse-A-Galets.

Church leadership

Celebrate Jesus of Haiti, Inc. provides the oversight of the church, but the local Haitian pastor is in charge at the local level. The Haitian pastor is paid, but no Americans receive any pay. Trips made by the DIckherbers and other volunteers are made at their own expense, with no compensation.

Church goals

As the people of the church grow in their faith, they are already reaching out to their neighbors. The hope is that the church at Anse-A-Galet will continue to grow and will plant more churches in neighboring villages, bringing hope and life to the entire area. Future goals for the church include the ability for church members to feed and educate their children, have clean drinking water, have access to health care, to learn to support themselves and to give to the church.