Feeding Program for Haitian Children – Celebrate Jesus of Haiti

Feeding Hungry Children in LaGonave, Haiti

How the Feeding Haiti project began

In 2001, Jerry Dickherber closed his construction company and retired. This would be no ordinary retirement. Sonja had already made trips to Haiti to assist with Dr. Paz’s dental mission there. Their hearts went out to the starving children on the island of LaGonave. The feeding program for children ages 1-5 was established in 2001. Under the leadership of a Haitian man named Dede (“day-day”) Charles, 875 children now receive one meal of rice and beans each day, six days a week, at no charge to them, including the children that attend the school who are also fed one meal a day during the school year. The food is purchased locally. Haitian workers prepare the meals and are paid in kind – each worker receives enough additional food each day for her own immediate family.

Long Term Solutions

Rice and beans are staples of the Haitian diet. This does not provide all the nutrition that they need. Locally grown vegetables would help to fill this nutritional gap.

An additional 20 acres has been purchased on the island of LaGonave, four miles from the church. This has become known as “The Promised Land.”  Gardens have been planted on the land, which will help the people of Anse-A-Galets to become self-sufficient. This is one of our highest long-term goals.

Please Help

When you donate to Celebrate Jesus of Haiti, Inc., your funds go directly into the feeding program, school, and other ministries which directly benefit the Haitian people.

Nobody from a developed country is paid anything by Celebrate Jesus of Haiti, Inc. Only local Haitian workers are paid, while the Dickherbers and other volunteers from the United States donate their time and travel at their own expense.