May, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Celebrate Jesus of Haiti,

Two teams joined us for our last trip to Haiti. We named them “The Good Humor Team” and “It’s a God Thing!” The Good Humor Team was two dads, Derrick & Kevin, and their two 14 year old daughters, Raquel and Norah. The girls had held a shoe drive at Christian High School and came to distribute the shoes and toys they had collected. They went into each of the classrooms and looked under the desks, then quietly escorted the children with worn-out shoes outside where they fitted them with new shoes. These young women also opened up the “Ya-Ya Store” where we store clothing and other personal items and gave away a mountain of needed clothing and shoes to the church families.

Church Expansion

The men helped Jerry place foundation posts and beams for the church expansion. People stand around the edges of Sunday services at this time. The expansion will seat an additional 150 people. God is increasing the church daily and we celebrate each soul saved.
As an extra measure of joy, The Good Humor Team brought with them an ice cream freezer and all the ingredients to make ice cream. The fathers made it and the girls happily delivered small cups of ice cream to the children and mothers waiting in the clinic, to each of the school children, and to all of our staff. They were such a blessing.

Exciting Church Services

It’s a God Thing team included Dr. Nancy Holtkamp, her two sisters, Sue and Pat, and her 14 year old daughter Katie. They specifically planned their arrival so they could attend Sunday services at Celebrate Jesus Church and they raved about the joy of the people as they worshiped the Lord. Jesus promised us fullness of joy independent of material wealth or a perfectly orchestrated life. It is found in Jesus, and when we embrace Him we experience that peace beyond human understanding. When first time visitors see joy on the faces at Celebrate Jesus Church they come to understand that “it’s a God thing” and He continues to show up and show out in the lives of some of the most underprivileged people on earth.


They set up the eye clinic and dispensed 400 pair of prescription glasses in just a few days. The World Health Organization estimates that 153 million people in third world countries, which includes Haiti, need corrected vision. The cost of a pair of glasses can be a year’s salary for them. But Pepose Vision and doctors like Dr. Nancy are bringing their own special kind of joy to the people on LaGonave Island by allowing them to see. It’s a God thing!
Both teams were the hands and feet of Jesus, dishing up rice and beans at the feeding stations and being reminded of how truly blessed we are to have our basic human needs met every day. We are especially excited when teens come to visit, knowing that a mission trip like this will change their worldview and their lives forever.

With our love and gratitude,
Jerry and Sonja Dickherber

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