Dear Friends,

Jesus taught his disciples how to fish for the souls of men, then he showed them how to do it, next he sent them out without him to let them try it. He listened carefully to their reports, then helped them see their work from God’s point of view. Knowing he would be leaving them, he prepared them to follow the example he had given. It is our hope that all of you have known a leader who taught you the Word and then lived it and trusted you to accept the challenges the Lord gave you. From the start of our ministry in Haiti we required that each employee train one of the other employees how to do their work so the ministry could continue uninterrupted should they depart.

New church plant in nearby village

The Lord put on our hearts that it was time to make new disciples of Jesus Christ in an additional town. We had made food distributions in Zetwa and found the people there to be hungry not only for food but for the Spirit-filled life. It is a much smaller town and poorer than Anse A Galet and a hard 90 minute drive. Consistent with our principles, we have tasked Pastor Joaquim and his leadership team with establishing a core group of believers in Zetwa and regularly teaching them the Word. We will provide counsel like Paul did Timothy, but we won’t lead it. They have been alongside us since the beginning. The team is studying the Word using International School of Ministry video training. Sonja used this to train Pastor Joaquim and now he is facilitating the same training to help his team grow in knowledge. We trust them to duplicate what they have seen.

Quilt for Haitian Children

Handmade quilts donated to new moms in HaitiWe made a trip to Zetwa in May. We never like to go empty-handed. We keep a storehouse we call the “Ya-Ya Store.” It is filled with the gifts of love you have sent over just waiting for the right need to be met. This time we gathered up beautiful handmade quilts for the young mothers. We always draw a crowd, but we specifically shouted out that we wanted young mothers to come. They came. Their eyes were big when they received their very special gift including one for their child. These character-themed quilts are made by Ruth Bly of Tulsa, OK. It is her “retirement” project. Her husband’s “retirement” project is to find a stuffed animal and pair it to a quilt. We taught the people gathered there some worship songs and it was a joyous time.

Medical Student Assists at Clinic

Consistent with the focus on apprenticeship, a young medical student named Hogan joined us to use his training for the Lord. Assisted by his mother Tia, he did a basic health check (triage) on first through sixth grade students. He brought a file cabinet to hold these new student records and now Dr. Zacky has a base point to track their health. Hogan observed that our kids are healthier than most in the U.S. He found no orange hair or scabies common to poor countries. The 850 children we feed daily receive a nutritious meal of rice and beans with vegetables and supplements. He spent several days shadowing Dr. Zacky and he said he had learned more about medicine from him than he had learned in medical school thus far. God let us see He had sent us his very best. He could easily work elsewhere for more money, but Dr. Z has taken “ownership” of the clinic. He appreciates the trust we have in him and most importantly, treats each child with tenderness and love.

Pepose Vision Institute – Glasses for Haitians

Pepose Vision sent Dr. Syberg, a low-vision specialist. He loves the Lord and puts his heart into the people he treats. He saw 183 people in 3 days and most of them received needed prescription glasses. What a blessing. Working alongside Pastor Joaquim and Sonja in organizing eye patients was a boy named Michener. The ministry is paying for his English classes and in time he may work for us as a translator.

More Homes Built

Haitian home built by Celebrate Jesus of HaitiThe Dwelling Place (Campus Two) now has ten homes. The fence keeps the wandering animals out, enabling the families to plant coconut and banana trees. What comes in must go out, and Jerry built a 20’ deep privy with six stalls for the families living there. The other side of this building contains six private stalls for bathing. People here are very modest and it is a great blessing to have a private place to carry in their bucket of water and wash themselves. Jerry looks forward to being able to build an addition to the Celebre’ Jesus church, which is always at capacity.

All this is important, but the best news is that four people received the Lord Jesus as their Savior during the week we were there. This is why the Lord sent us to Haiti.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ are persecuted and often killed in other nations. In our lifetime in America we may lose possessions, businesses, or legal rights because of our faith. But because of our faith, the world powers can never take away our true freedom in Christ. Celebrate Freedom!

With our love and gratitude,

Jerry and Sonja Dickherber