Is this the finest school in Haiti?

One of the Finest Schools in Haiti

Celebrate Jesus of Haiti, Inc. has a goal of bringing the people of Haiti to a level of self-sufficiency. A good school is a crucial part of that plan. When the students graduate they can speak their native Creole as well as French (the official language of Haiti) and English. This opens up many possibilities for these students that they did not have before. Some of our students have gone on to college. This is truly a miracle, and hopefully one day these successful young people will prosper and become inclined to give back to the community from which they came.

Funding urgently needed

In order for a school to be recognized by the government, the Haitian authorities have established a minimum enrollment. This required additional teachers in order to maintain an appropriate student-teacher ratio. This led to increased staffing. Since each student and teacher is fed one meal a day at school, the costs for meals have gone up substantially. This means that your financial support is urgently needed for this important and very successful project.

Management of the school

The school is run by Haitians. The principal and teachers are paid. No Americans are paid and no Americans are normally present. Sonja still oversees the entire project, but has delegated the day-to-day decisions to the local Haitian leaders of the school.

Why is This School So Special?

Haiti requires all students to pass a standardized test, which most of our students pass with flying colors. Even more shocking is that this is done with free tuition – the students in other Haitian schools have to pay for their education. At our school, the tuition is covered by donations. So, what makes this school so special? First, the teachers are devoted Christians whose hearts are filled with love for their students. This motivates them to be the best they can be. Second, the students are fed, so the distraction of being hungry is eliminated. And third, the teachers are full of hope and love, motivating the students to do their very best.

The goal

We believe that students who are well educated will be able to earn a good living on their own, breaking the cycle of poverty and relief efforts. Some of our graduates are in college now, on a solid path for success.